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Be Boë

A deliciously distinctive campaign.

Gin is everywhere.
Everyone drinks it.
Everyone talks about it.
The gin boom was in full swing.

And in a saturated social market, Boë were looking for some attention.

We set about helping Boë stand out from the crowd.

Be bold, be sexy, be sassy...

If you can be bramble, berry and violet at the same time, then that’s a bonus.

When other gin brands talk about subtle blends and hints of juniper, our BE DISTINCTIVE campaign was big, beautiful and hard to miss.

In 18 months, we took Boe Gin from a small craft gin maker to the supermarket shelves with national distribution.

As if people didn’t already have gin on their minds, Boë was now on their phones, in their local, on the shelves and blowing up on their social media feeds.

We’ll drink to that!

Client: Böe Gin
Discipline: Social / Film / Design
Photography: Fore
Film: Fore
Collaborators: Global Scotland

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