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German Doner Kebab

A Kebabsolutely Fabulous Facebook Live Quiz!

Everyone loves a kebab. But German Döner Kebabs offer a different kind of kebab… the gourmet kind. And they wanted to raise awareness of their multi-national restaurant chain across the UK, while launching their brand-new Glasgow branch.

Our pre-promotional targeting meant that 19 key cities across the UK were hit with some outrageously out-there ads.

And what better way to send an audience into a frenzy than giving away gourmet kebabs for free?

Players not only had the chance to win kebabs, döner nachos and family meals, but we also gave away gym memberships, Spotify vouchers, cinema trips, a year of free kebabs and… A WEEKEND AWAY TO BERLIN.

With two weeks of pre promotion, and a 60 minute Facebook Live quiz, we generated some hungry bellies and some super satisfying statistics.

The quiz was a massive success, reaching 642,558 people across the UK, driving footfall into GDK branches and achieving a newsletter opt in rate of over 80%.

Kebabs. Done Live.

Client: German Doner Kebab
Discipline: Social

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