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Investing doesn't need to be frightening!

Everyone has a phobia. Whether it's dogs, heights, crowds or investing.

Cockroaches. Spiders. Flying. Clowns. (or God forbid…flying clowns).

We’ve all got deep-seated fears and one of the biggest of all is investing. But it shouldn’t be.

Our terrifying task was to break down the barriers to investment and make Scottish Friendly’s audience face their fears head on.

The best campaigns connect with an audience on an emotional level. And what better emotion to play with than fear?

Whether it was spiders crawling over phone screens or the sinister chuckle of a killer clown on the radio, our creative was designed to use those irrational fears and make people react and engage.

Scary social content, creepy canvas ads, and a frightful Facebook Live competition.

We attracted an audience to the Scottish Friendly brand bigger than any zombie hoard…and ten times as fast, with over 1.1 million campaign views (behind a tightly grasped pillow, no doubt) and over 4.6 million impressions delivered.

Client: Scottish Friendly
Discipline: Social / Design

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