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The Tennent's Visitor Centre

We Brought Hugh Tennent Back to Life (kinda)...

Scotland’s favourite lager was launching an all-new interactive visitor centre.

But this wasn’t going to be a stuffy museum of ancient alcohol artefacts, this had to be fun, interactive and unforgettable.

So we straightened our ties, rolled up our sleeves, and set about bringing the founder of the brewery back to life.

It’s all in a day’s work, really.

You all know that mirror. The one in your local that somehow simultaneously looks like it shouldn’t really hang anywhere yet at the same time it’s just where it needs to be. It’s a mirror that’s pretty much frozen in time. Which makes it just about perfect for the magic Fore planned to perform.

By combining state-of-the-art augmented reality with the kind of mirror you expect in just about any pub worth its salt, we worked with AR tech specialists INDE to create a special kind of spirit at Tennent’s brewery.

Step up to the mirror, and Hugh will use his spectral powers to give you a wee fright. You can then steady your nerves with a drink of big juicy afterwards.

With 3,000 interactions, over 1200 reaction videos shared, and a 70% increase in visitors to the centre in the first couple of months, it’s fair to say the legend of Hugh Tennent started to spread far and wide.

Most importantly, Tennent’s visitor centre has become a favourite haunt for anyone who fancies a wee fright with their pint.


Cheers Hugh!

Client: Tennent's
Discipline: AR / Facial Recognition / Conceptual
Photography: Fore
Video: Fore
AR Hardware: INDE
Actor: James Rottger


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