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An Animator's Approach To The Brief.  

Our in house Animator Jen walks us through her approach to a brief and gives us an insight into her process and the steps it takes to achieve the end result.

Have a look at some of her recent projects and find out more about the brand, the brief and the creative solution.

The Brand: Green Tourism

A not-for-profit that promotes greener ways for businesses and organisations to operate.

The Brief:

Create a series of character-based animations showing how businesses can become more sustainable by using Green Tourism’s online tool.

The Creative Solution:

I created bespoke characters and animated them into a number of different scenarios to show how businesses could go greener.

The animated characters were kept fun and light. The aim was to make the characters as friendly and approachable as possible using a light colour palette and fun, simple imagery.

The Brand: Sex Rated

A Fore Network podcast that explores the world of sex. Real women talking real sex. 

The Brief:

Create a teaser animation for the pre-promotional launch of the podcast, using a sound clip from the show as the narrative for the visuals.

The Creative Solution:

I used a bold colour palette and large impactful text to help bring the voiceover to life.

I picked out sentences and words that stood out and animated these using humorous cartoon-style graphics.

The Brand: Redspire

A CRM Consultancy and Microsoft Gold Partner, specialising in Dynamics 365. They provide CRM services to businesses across most sectors, of varying sizes and throughout the UK.

The Brief:

Create an animation that can transform a  traditionally dull, complicated subject into an eye-catching, easy to digest explainer that keeps the viewer's attention.

The Creative Solution:

I decided on a style that had a slight hand-drawn/stop motion effect to draw the viewer in and try and make the content more visually interesting.

A simple colour palette and light text helped to keep the animation serious in tone, whilst maintaining a style that is pleasing to the eye.

Jen Walker

Role at Fore:  
Motion Designer


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An Animator's Approach To The Brief.


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