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Ciaran Glöbel Adds a Splash of Colour to the Office.   

Renowned signwriter and artist Ciaran Glöbel popped in to see us for a chat. OH and whilst he was in, Ciaran painted two big and bold murals, plastering the Fore personality across the office walls.

Eat Louder.

The idea behind this mural was to impose Fore on some mega brands that the Foreheads may snack on in the kitchen like Oreo, KFC, Costa and an interesting choice - Spam (fun over flavour here). 

"I really liked changing the Oreo to Foreo. Spam was fun, that bit was quite interesting to do."


Turning Fore's CEO in to Colonel Sanders. 

An ode to KFC. The Creative team provided a glamorous headshot of our CEO Stuart, Ciaran and Conzo then worked their magic to create a very Fore styled Colonel Sanders. 

"We tried to make him look as much like Colonel Sanders as possible, I think we kind of struck a happy balance between the two."

Think Louder.

Our motto and mantra. The Foreheads love to deliver big & bold campaigns, and we're proud to say... THINK LOUDER.  

"It's a nice big bold piece of text, with nice complimentary colours, so that was really straight forward. I managed to get this done relatively quickly."


Big, Bold and Loud. 

Ciaran told us about his biggest and boldest piece of work! 

"Me and my friend Conzo, we painted a 40ft hotdog, it was bold and it was very loud."

Check out the full interview with Ciaran below, as he gives a walk + talk through the creation of both murals. 

Thank you Glöbel Brothers from everyone here at Fore -  top class work! 


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