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Fore Rebrands.

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Has the term rebrand became a dirty word? 

There’s been a fair amount of backlash to recent ‘rebrands’, Mastercard, Zara and BT have all received negative or mixed response in recent weeks and months.

Some businesses chose to rebrand to keep up with the competition, re-invent themselves or shake off a poor brand personality. 

Some do it to ‘freshen things up’, because it feels like the right time for change.

But people hate change. At least at first...

We’re told time and time again, that consistency is key and recall builds trust. This is true, recall is great, trust is vital. The thing is, whatever communication your brand gives, big or small, needs to communicate who you are and where you are as a business.

We chose to re-brand, simply because we outgrew our market identity. We dropped the ‘Digital’. Our offering became wider and as a business we expanded our offerings outside of being ‘just a digital marketing agency’.

We are not re-inventing the wheel, just changing the tyres. 

We hope you like it.



Fore Rebrands.