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Discover What ForeFood Has To Offer.

As Fore continually adds to its portfolio of tech products and services, we caught up again with Innovation Lead, Graeme Geddes, to find out a bit more about ForeFood.

Similar to some well-known food ordering services currently in the market, we recently launched our food ordering app, ForeFood.

In a nutshell, the service which can be both app and website based, allows customers to order food and drinks to their table, click and collect for when they’re on the go, and accumulate the likes of loyalty points to get money off products.

There are two key areas which set ForeFood apart from other food ordering apps though – data and commission.

Unlike more established apps on the market, ForeFood doesn’t take a commission on any orders made through the service – all the money spent through the service goes directly to our clients.

And these days, we understand the importance of customer data, that’s why we ensure our clients own their data.

Not many people know this, but when you order through other services, you’re actually purchasing from the service provider, not the café or restaurant. It is for this reason that the restauranteur will never see the customer’s data - it’s not their data to see. Instead, belongs to the ordering service provider as it’s them who the purchase was made through.

ForeFood will never withhold data from its clients.

There are countless downsides to this business model, such as restaurateurs never getting to see a picture of who their customers are, or never getting the opportunity to send targeted marketing messages and promotions to them.

Another huge benefit of ForeFood though, is that it’s a licensed service. What this means is that as the app and website are already built, it removes the need for massive development costs. We simply take the branding and assets from our clients and apply them to the app/website structure so that it’s aligned with their brand identity.

So, there are three massive benefits without even looking further into the capabilities of the service:

Clients pay no commission on orders.

Clients own their data.

It's an incredibly affordable way to take online orders.

We have seen interest from an array of business owners, from coffee shops to hotels, restaurants to even football clubs. The uses for ForeFood are endless – it’ll work in any situation that you can buy food or drinks.

If you’d like to learn more about ForeFood or any of our innovative projects, please get in touch with us at



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