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Find Out All About Fore's Newest Department.

David Houston, CG Director here at Fore, gives us an insight into the CG industry in 2019, introduces his team at Fore and discusses the projects that have been keeping them busy.

CG in 2019. 

Computer generated art is a broad spectrum in terms of industries and skillset. Artists are forced to try and find their niche; whether it be games, feature films or a more secluded industry such as Arch Viz (architectural visualisation). Regardless of the route, we are all defined by the work we produce. Advances in technology have allowed us to push the boundaries and become more creative, but it is the community platforms that have established a significantly large network of peer to peer support which really drives the industry.

The one element that is consistent amongst us all is our inspiration. It is limitless. There was a time when CG (especially Arch Viz) was a function or a means to an end; to pass a building through planning or convey an intent. It has now become so much more. The narrative and thought that goes into a piece of work is far more elaborate. CG has become more than a career. It is an obsession. We have to adapt to the markets we work with be it architecture, interior design, product marketing or engineering and we learn the basis of such industries to make our work better.

The CG industry has developed exponentially over the last decade and isn’t set to slow down any time soon. The best and brightest studios will always shine as being those who embrace the change in technology but maintain an understanding of their roots and traditional methods.


Tell us about your background working in the industry? 

My background is originally in Product Design. At the time I graduated it was a very saturated market and there wasn’t the same opportunities or support there is now to go it alone. I didn’t have the patience for product design either, so I decided to play to my strengths which is 3D and retouching. Our projects are generally fast turnaround, 2 to 4 weeks, so it keeps things interesting unlike the average design project (which can take months or years). I started out in a highways company, mostly working on infrastructure before moving into architecture. After spending 4 years as an in-house artist for both local and international architects, I moved to a core visualisation studio working for clients such as Radisson Group, Transport for London, Hill, Graven Images, Glasgow City Council, Westfield, BDP, RTKL, Heatherwick, Keppie, Muse & Lusail City.

Tell us about your current role? 

The role at Fore came around from my conversations with Stuart (CEO) about what makes a great CG team and how to succeed in what is a new, but very competitive industry. Our aims were very much aligned and the role developed from there. Fore are at an exciting point and the opportunity to create something quite unique was something I had to be a part of. We are a team of four now with plans to expand in line with demand. My role is simple, to encourage my team to create amazing work and ensure we have fun while doing it. I push the team to challenge themselves at every opportunity, which is important if we are to develop and stay ahead of the curve.

A day in the life of a CG artist, is it exciting work? 

It is. When you move into the CG industry it can be quite easy to become unique to one discipline, especially in the VFX industry like a lighting artist or a rigger. The great thing about being a CG artist at Fore is you have the opportunity to be a part of everything. As a team, we explore any means possible to satisfy the art direction and client requirements in order to create the best content. Each member of our team has their individual strengths but together we become a powerhouse of experience.


Proudest Project here at Fore.

The Crown Street project recently completed for Ediston is sitting as our proudest moment so far. It is the first project we have delivered as a team and it marks a very significant stage in our development. It is a bonus that the spaces allow for such creative art direction and a prime opportunity to showcase what we are capable of. At the time of this project we were still very much trying to find our feet, build a client base, the render farm and generally understand each other as individuals as well as our coming together as a single entity.

Personally, for me I am very proud of everything we have achieved so far, we have a long way to go but each milestone marks promise.

Biggest, Boldest and Loudest Project.

Without giving too much away, we are focusing a lot of our attention on our lifestyle films. Partnering with our in-house film team it makes integrating CG and film all the more fun and having that collaboration under one roof makes the creative process more productive. One project that is due to launch mid-summer takes in a real 'back to nature' approach and once fully edited and graded, is certain to turn heads.

Fore's CG Team.



(Left to Right)

David Houston | Director

Curtis Walker | Lead CG Artist.

Claire Gillon | Senior CG Artist

Alex McRoberts |CG Artist


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