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Meet Producer John.

Name and job title. 

Hi, I’m John, Senior Producer on the Fore Network. 


Tell us about your background working with audio? 

I’ve worked with audio my entire career, working for some of the biggest radio stations including Clyde 1, Heart, Smooth and Xfm and with Scotland’s most well known presenters. I’m passionate about everything that makes a sound and creating content around it and have been lucky enough to pick up a few Sony Awards for my work in the industry.


Tell us about your current role? 

After 18 years in radio, I was given the opportunity to come to Fore to work on some of the exciting audio opportunities that we are creating. Although my main focus will be on Fore Network and the podcasts we produce, I will basically be dealing with anything that makes a noise!


A day in the life of a producer, is it exciting work? 

Every day is completely different from the next. I’ve recorded stand up with the Krankies, mixed sessions with the likes of James Dean Bradfield and Paolo Nutini and produced radio shows with the likes of the Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown…


Why make the move away from radio to podcasting?

The radio market, specifically the commercial radio market, is imploding from a local perspective and I think as a result you will start to see audiences moving away from it. Audio consumption however, has never been stronger and the meteoric rise of podcasts, means the future is bright.


Radio strategy and podcast strategy, does it change per platform?

Absolutely. Within radio you are restricted what you can say, how you can say it and how long you can say it for, but with podcasts there is an open road ahead of you, to be as creative and innovative as possible.


In your opinion, are podcasts a trend?

Podcasts aren’t just a trend, they are now the norm. The amount of people that listen to podcasts has doubled in the last 5 years with now around 6 million people listening to them. I predict in 5 years time this number will have doubled again as people turn from more traditional audio. In a few years, there is going to be a generation who have grown up on podcasts as at the moment around 1 in 5, within the 15 – 24 demographic consume a podcast every week and I personally cannot see this stopping as they age.


What else can we expect from the Fore Network in 2019? 

Big plans are in place to grow the Fore Network and I think you will see a completely diverse range of podcasts landing on it over the next 12 months, though I’ going to keep my cards close to my chest for just now.


Biggest, Boldest and Loudest Moment Working With Audio.

The biggest, producing a radio show with the Foo Fighters for the Xfm network.

The boldest, creating the infamous Make Your Dad Mad feature on Clyde 1.

The loudest, having to listen to Ewen’s voice on the Football Daft Podcast!


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