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Find Out About Fore's New Tech Offering. 

Fore recently caught up with Innovation Lead, Graeme Geddes, to get the low-down on one of our newest and exciting products, the touch table.

When I first discovered the touch table, I instantly wanted to learn more about it because I thought it was a really cool product. It wasn’t until I actually had hands-on experience with it though, that I realised its full potential.

Acting like a giant tablet on legs, the table has the ability to display a whole host of content including; images, video, presentations, websites and applications. Having the option to view such a wide range of content makes the table really flexible, suiting almost any need you could think of.

Plus, it’ super easy to use. The sensors built into the table can detect multiple touchpoints, meaning that you can perform actions like pinch to zoom and one of its coolest features, flicking onto a secondary screen (if you have one connected).

At 46”, the table is built as an inclusive product. Multiple people can huddle around, rather than a regular tablet which only one person at a time can view. Taking the theme of inclusivity further, the table boasts the ability to mirror and annotate content, meaning someone at the other end of the table can still view what’s on display and even read or add notes about the content.

Our product research has shown that many industries can benefit from a table installation. Automotive and travel have adapted this technology, we've also seen huge benefits in the property sector – both residential and commercial.

Watch the full video demonstration in the video below:

We believe new and emerging tech, such as the touch table, is changing the way consumers engage with brands. It's changing the research and decision-making process, and ultimately the way consumers will purchase certain products and services.

If you’d like to learn more about Fore’s touch table or any of our innovative projects, please get in touch with us at at


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