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You've Studied. You've Graduated. How About Working In An Agency?

Fore's most recent graduates Conor, Millie and Jonathan reflect on their time at University, comparing their student life to working life within an Agency. Is it really that different? 

Meet Conor.

Conor is a Marketing Executive here at Fore. He completed an Honors Degree in International Marketing at Glasgow Caledonian University. Conor has been working here for 11 months, worked on 20 different client campaigns, scheduled thousands of posts and gathered millions of impressions - he's a keeper. 

Find out more about Conor's journey by watching the video below. 

Meet Millie.

Millie is a Marketing Executive here at Fore. Having studied Fashion Business initially, she soon found that the fashion industry wasn't for her and it was the business modules that appealed more. Millie went on to study a Masters degree in International Marketing, describing it as a marriage of creativity and technical skills.

Watch the video below to find out more about Millie's journey. 

Meet Jonathan.

Jonathan is a Designer here at Fore. He studied architecture originally but soon realised his passion lay in design. Jonathan has worked here for 11months, and will soon be celebrating 1 year designing at Fore. 

Find out more about Jonathan's story by watching the video below. 

If you're a recent Graduate keen to experience working life in a big, bold and loud Agency, get in touch at here or keep an eye out for opportunities on Fore's LinkedIn.


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