From full brand development to interactive web design and animation, we can create you a unique brand identity.


Specialising in brand visual identity, tone of voice and full brand development. 

If your brand needs a refresh, some updating or a whole evolution - a brand identity project should do the trick. Our designers research and re-imagine your visual characteristics to give it a new lease of life. Assets will be packaged and provided alongside a brand style guide.


Our design team optimise content for use across multiple platforms for delivering your campaigns. 

Our social designers optimise your design and short motion assets specifically for use across social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Giphy). We can transform your existing assets, create beautiful photography and design in-house, or work with high quality stock assets to create stunning social content packs.


Your website is your brand’s global hub.

It should paint you in your very best light. Our front-end design team will craft a visually stunning, imaginative and functional user experience for your website.  Using a mix of imagery, video and copywriting styles -  deliver a great look with even greater results. 


A great way to tell a story. We’ve sent brands into outer space, diving into the deepest oceans and soaring above make-believe cities. 

At Fore we love to create 3D spaces and objects with CGI animation, transporting you to a space that doesn't exist. Create characters from scratch to add personality and a presenter to your brand assets. Or if you need detail delivered with flair, our animators can create you an infographic animation solution.